Upgrade Your Bathroom: Craftsman Style Fixtures, Tiles, and Accessories

Craftsman-style bathrooms are known for their warm, earthy tones, natural materials, and attention to detail. If you’re thinking of upgrading your bathroom with a charming Craftsman touch, this article will guide you through some essential elements to consider. From fixtures and tiles to accessories, we’ve got you covered with ideas for bringing the timeless Craftsman aesthetic into your bathroom.

1. Understanding Craftsman Design Basics

Before diving into the specific elements of Craftsman bathroom design, let’s briefly review the core principles that define this classic style.

1.1 Architectural Elements

The architectural features of a Craftsman home typically include low-pitched roofs, tapered columns, shingle siding, exposed beams, multi-paned windows, and built-in storage. In the bathroom, these elements can be translated into paneled walls, recessed shelving, and wood or stone accents.

1.2 Materials

Authentic Craftsman design embraces the use of locally sourced, handmade materials, such as wood, stone, and decorative tile. These natural elements bring warmth and texture to the bathroom, creating a comforting and inviting atmosphere.

1.3 Color Palette

The color palette of a Craftsman bathroom typically revolves around warm, earthy tones like rustic browns, muted greens, and stone grays. These colors work in harmony with the natural materials used in the space, creating a cohesive and calming environment.

2. Choosing Craftsman-Style Fixtures

When selecting fixtures for your Craftsman bathroom, look for pieces that reflect the style’s emphasis on quality craftsmanship and simple, functional design.

2.1 Faucets and Hardware

Choose faucets and hardware with clean lines and a vintage aesthetic. Opt for finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, or brushed nickel to complement the Craftsman color palette.

2.2 Lighting

Period-appropriate lighting is essential for capturing the Craftsman look. Look for pendant lights and wall sconces with rectangular or globe-shaped shades, often made of frosted glass or featuring geometric patterns. Stick with finishes that match your faucets and hardware for a cohesive look.

2.3 Vanities and Cabinetry

Wooden bathroom vanities are a signature element of Craftsman design. Choose a vanity with solid wood construction, paneling details, and simple, functional hardware. Built-in cabinetry with glass-front doors or open shelving can also be a beautiful addition to a Craftsman bathroom.

3. Selecting Craftsman-Style Tiles

The right tile choices can make a significant impact in a Craftsman bathroom. Consider the following options for your floors, walls, and shower surrounds:

3.1 Subway Tiles

Classic subway tiles are a popular choice for Craftsman bathrooms, as they offer a timeless look that complements the style’s emphasis on simplicity and functionality. Consider using white, off-white, or muted earth-toned subway tiles for your walls or shower surrounds.

3.2 Decorative Tiles

Handcrafted, artisan-style decorative tiles are a hallmark of Craftsman design. Look for tiles featuring nature-inspired motifs, geometric patterns, or earthy colors to add visual interest to your bathroom. These tiles can be used for backsplashes, shower accents, or even as a focal point on a feature wall.

3.3 Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can add a touch of organic elegance to a Craftsman bathroom. Choose pebble-like mosaics for your shower floor or as an accent strip in your shower surround, or opt for small, square ceramic tiles in earthy colors to create a unique and eye-catching floor design.

4. Incorporating Organic Inspirations

Nature plays a significant role in Craftsman design, and incorporating organic elements into your bathroom can help create that authentic, earthy feel.

4.1 Natural Materials

In addition to using wood and stone for architectural elements and fixtures, consider incorporating natural materials like bamboo, linen, or cotton for your towels, bath mats, and shower curtains.

4.2 Nature-Inspired Decor

Decorate your Craftsman bathroom with artwork or accessories that reflect the beauty of the natural world. This could include botanical prints, landscape paintings, or even a small potted plant on the windowsill or vanity.

4.3 Color Palette

As mentioned earlier, the color palette of a Craftsman bathroom should reflect the warm, earthy tones found in nature. Choose paint colors and textiles that echo the hues of your chosen tiles and natural materials for a cohesive look.

5. Embracing the Craftsman Color Palette

When decorating your Craftsman bathroom, it’s essential to stick to the style’s characteristic color palette of warm, earthy tones. Here are some ideas for incorporating these colors into your space:

5.1 Green Hues

Green is a popular color choice for Craftsman bathrooms, as it evokes the natural world and can create a calming, serene atmosphere. Opt for soft, spa-like greens, blue-greens inspired by the ocean, or bold, evergreen shades to suit your taste and environment.

5.2 Coordinating Colors

Choose coordinating colors for your bathroom textiles, such as towels, bath mats, and shower curtains. Look for shades that complement your tile selections and paint colors, creating a harmonious and cohesive color scheme.

5.3 Color Blocking

Use color blocking to create striking contrasts in your bathroom design. This can be achieved by dividing the wall into two complementary color blocks, such as a green tile wainscoting and a white or neutral paint color above. Alternatively, use contrasting tile colors to create bold patterns or accents in your shower or backsplash.

6. Adding Craftsman-Style Accessories

The right accessories can add the finishing touches to your Craftsman bathroom, tying the design together and enhancing its overall appeal.

6.1 Mirrors

Choose a bathroom mirror with a simple, functional design that reflects the Craftsman aesthetic. Opt for a wooden frame in a finish that matches your vanity and cabinetry, or a metal frame in a coordinating finish to your fixtures.

6.2 Storage Solutions

Incorporate practical and stylish storage solutions into your bathroom design, such as built-in shelves, recessed medicine cabinets, or freestanding storage units. Look for pieces made from wood or metal, with simple, clean lines and functional details.

6.3 Decorative Accents

Add decorative accents that reflect the Craftsman style, such as a vintage-inspired soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, or waste basket. Choose pieces with finishes that match your fixtures and hardware, or opt for items made from natural materials like wood or stone.

7. Designing a Kid-Friendly Craftsman Bathroom

When designing a Craftsman bathroom for children, it’s essential to consider both style and safety.

7.1 Safety Features

Ensure that your bathroom is equipped with safety features like non-slip bath mats, faucet covers, and toilet seat clamps (depending on the age of your children). These simple precautions can help prevent accidents and create a safe, child-friendly environment.

7.2 Fun and Functional Design

Incorporate elements that are both fun and functional for children, such as bright colors, unique patterns, and easy-to-use storage solutions. However, keep in mind that children’s tastes can change quickly, so avoid overly trendy designs that may soon become outdated.

7.3 Dual-Purpose Spaces

Many Craftsman bathroom designs can accommodate both children and adults, so consider creating a space that can grow with your family. This might include incorporating adjustable storage solutions, multi-functional fixtures, or a versatile color scheme that can be easily updated over time.

8. Preserving the Charm of a Historic Craftsman Bathroom

If you’re renovating a historic Craftsman bathroom, it’s important to preserve the original charm and character of the space while incorporating modern amenities and upgrades.

8.1 Restoring Original Features

Look for ways to restore and maintain the original architectural elements of your bathroom, such as wood paneling, built-in storage, or vintage lighting fixtures. These details can help maintain the authenticity of your Craftsman design while adding unique character and charm.

8.2 Updating with Period-Appropriate Materials

When selecting new materials and fixtures for your bathroom, opt for choices that are period-appropriate and in keeping with the Craftsman aesthetic. This might include ceramic subway tiles, hexagonal floor tiles, or oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

8.3 Balancing Old and New

Find a balance between preserving the historical features of your bathroom and incorporating modern upgrades and amenities. This might involve blending vintage-style fixtures with energy-efficient lighting or combining traditional tile patterns with contemporary color schemes.

9. Creating a Sustainable Craftsman Bathroom

Craftsman design is inherently sustainable, thanks to its emphasis on quality craftsmanship and the use of natural materials. Here are some ways to create an eco-friendly Craftsman bathroom:

9.1 Water-Saving Fixtures

Choose water-saving fixtures, such as low-flow faucets and showerheads, to reduce water consumption and lower your utility bills. Look for fixtures with a vintage-inspired design to maintain the Craftsman aesthetic.

9.2 Energy-Efficient Lighting

Incorporate energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED bulbs or fixtures with motion sensors, to save on electricity and reduce your environmental impact.

9.3 Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

Consider using reclaimed or recycled materials for your bathroom renovation, such as salvaged wood for cabinetry or vintage tiles for your walls or floors. These materials can add character and charm to your space while minimizing waste and supporting sustainable practices.

10. Finding Inspiration for Your Craftsman Bathroom

As you research and plan your Craftsman bathroom renovation, seek out inspiration from various sources to help guide your design decisions.

10.1 Online Resources

Browse online galleries, blogs, and social media platforms for photos and articles showcasing Craftsman bathroom designs. Save images that catch your eye and identify common features that resonate with your personal style and preferences.

10.2 Print Publications

Explore print magazines and books dedicated to Craftsman design and architecture for ideas and inspiration. Look for publications that focus on historic preservation, renovation, or interior design to find examples of authentic Craftsman bathrooms.

10.3 Local Tours and Showrooms

Visit local home tours, showrooms, or historic homes in your area to see Craftsman design firsthand. Take note of the materials, colors, and fixtures used in these spaces and consider how you might incorporate similar elements into your own bathroom renovation.

In conclusion, upgrading your bathroom with Craftsman-style fixtures, tiles, and accessories can create a warm, inviting space that combines timeless charm with modern functionality. By incorporating the key principles of Craftsman design and taking inspiration from a variety of sources, you can create a stunning bathroom that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall appeal of your home.